Pick a Piper
In recent years songwriters have experimented more widely than ever with beats and bass, but only a few have succeeded in producing results worth mentioning. The underlying problem is that club music, when it comes to the punch, to put it crudely, needs to function on the dance floor. Canadian musician and producer Brad Weber (Isn't that...? Yes indeed! Brad is also the drummer for Caribou), with his project Pick A Piper, joins the ranks of this charmed few. Pick A Piper was conceived in 2008 along with band mates Angus Fraser and Dan Roberts, and following two EPs, the band is set to release their debut self-titled debut album.

1. Lucid in Fjords
2. All Her Colours
3. Cinders and Dust
4. Once Were Leaves
5. South to Polynesia
6. Zenaida
7. Hour Hands
8. Dinghy in a Quiet Cove

Pick A Piper

Pick a Piper

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Release date: 1 Nov 2013

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