Returning to City Slang in 2014 for their first full-length since 2010’s Speculation and their eigth album in total, 'instrument' is a landmark record for the group. The serenely soft melodies of No Wave pioneer Arto Lindsay adorn three tracks (‘Many Descriptions’ ‘Classify’ and ‘The Longest Escalator in the World’), offering up a new perspective. Though in many ways a progression, it also refreshes the methods of some of the band’s most acclaimed releases and is arguably their most refined record so far.

1. Many descriptions *
2. Besides
3. Down in the traffic
4. Classify *
5. Baritone
6. Spreading the strings out
7. Pro Model
8. Sunrise
9. Gitter
10. Longest escalator in the world *

* featuring Arto Lindsay

To Rococo Rot


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